CarFest 2016

Carfest pano

Forest Garden was delighted to support Carfest 2016 by donating 15 sheds to their #ShedFest Competition. 15 families were given the opportunity to get creative and decorate a shed; the finalists were announced by Strictly Come Dancing’s Natalie Lowe and Joanne Clifton followed by the winner on the main stage by Chris Evans! The winner then got to take the shed home. Because of the popularity of the event, CarFest was hosted by Bolesworth Castle in Cheshire to cater for the masses. The Castle itself stood above the crown akin to the main stage.

The atmosphere at ShedFest was fantastic with families buzzing to pass on their knowledge and inspiration for their fantastic shed creation! All of the Sheds were unique bursting with colour and clearly showing that a lot of hard work a detail went into them. Here are a few of our favourites:

Skiing Gondola
Inspired by Family holidays a boy’s passion for competitive skiing. This family Gondola Shed was built for the storage of everyone’s skiing equipment with special features such as an in built shelving unit for ski boots and outdoor storage boxes to dry your skis.

Shed Heaven
We love the transformation of this Shed into a trendy shabby chic bar. This family have created a perfect little getaway, easy to achieve and cosy enough to fit in any garden.

Ever wanted your own Time Machine and Space craft in your garden? Well this family has shown us that you can!  Fit with a console room this Tardis is perfect for those family getaways into outer space.
*Forest Sheds are not permitted to fly into outer space even though our windows are made from the same material and astronauts visors. Please do not attempt to build fully functioning rockets or Tardis’s…..but do send us some pictures if do!

Splitty Politti
This VW camper van/shed comes with working headlights, exhaust pipes and comes in bright orange. These 2 little dudes created the ultimate chill out pad inspired by a camera van.

Oscars survival shack is the perfect way to escape into the depths of your back garden fitted with camouflage netting, a snack bar, fold out bed and an escape hatch! Our favourite feature is the Chopper maintenance Porch. This shed has everything you need for a survivalist experience.

All of the sheds were decorated with amazing individual unique features which have inspired us at Forest Garden. Who knows, next you year you might see some enhancements to our sheds like an escape hatch or a time traveling machine!

We would like to thank CarFest for such a fantastic day and a special thank you to Men in Sheds for helping the families achieve their dream sheds.

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