How to choose the right shed for you (Cladding)

Whether you’re looking for a small storage solution for your plants and pots or wanting to create your own personal workshop, Forest Garden has sheds in a variety of shapes, sizes and construction. In this post we will be talking about Shed Cladding, possibly one of the most important factors to take in when buying a shed. Cladding is the timber board that forms the structure of a shed. These boards are dip or pressure treated in order to protect the shed against water damage and rot.


Overlap cladding is your basic shed build. The overlap construction is made up of rough sawn boards that overlap each other allowing for flexibility, movement and ventilation. The overlapping feature also allows for water run-off keeping your shed and its contents dry.

At Forest we offer a wide range of Overlap Sheds and Workshops in dip and pressure treatment.
Dip Treated Overlap Sheds
Pressure Treated Overlap Sheds
Dip Treated Overlap Workshops
Pressure Treated Overlap Workshops

Shiplap Tongue and Groove

Our premium range of Shiplap Dip Treated Sheds and Workshops feature interlocking tongue and groove construction. The tongue and groove board creates a strong, safe, water tight finish with the shiplap profile encouraging water run-off. Other secure and sturdy features include boarded flooring and hidden hinges.

Dip Treated Shiplap Sheds
Dip Treated Shiplap Workshops

Tongue and Groove

Lastly, our Tongue and Groove sheds provide the ultimate protection against wind and rain with their construction material. The nature of the tight fitting tongue and groove construction offers a smart, sturdy aesthetic appearance with a smooth planed board finish. Our tongue and groove range sheds are our securest yet!

Pressure Treated Tongue and Groove Shed
Pressure Treated Tongue and Groove Workshops


Types of Shed Construction


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